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Rules and Streaming Guidelines

Community Rules and Streaming Guidelines for everyone!

Let’s Robot Together!

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow which we hope will make the experience better for everyone.


  • Have fun and share control with other users!
  • Follow the rules set by the robocaster, if you don’t know them, ask!
  • Remember there are other humans and robots behind the screen.
  • Treat everyone with respect, especially the people on the robot stream. We want people to feel comfortable and safe around our robots.

Don'ts (for EVERYONE on ALL channels)

  • Do not exclude or bully someone else because of their race, sex, religion, disability, or any other reason.
  • Do not insult or be rude to others.
  • Do not harm any humans or animals. Please also avoid damaging robots or property, unless it’s explicitly part of the stream. If you aren't sure, ask!
  • Please do not post or share personal information about anyone on the site.
     - This includes screenshots or calling out in chat, any personal information you come across   (Ex: A mailing label with and address or phone number in view of robots. Or overhearing something on a stream.)
  • Don’t suggest or engage, or talk about engaging in illegal activities.
  • Do not post links to nudity, explicit sexual content, or extreme violence.

Special note:
Guys, with or without the filter, racial slurs, or language that puts any minority group down will be a bannable offense. This includes any iteration of the N word, or that other F word. This applies to both people in chat, and streamers. Don't do it.

Unless the channel is marked as “mature”,

  • Do not talk about NSFW topics,
  • Do not use derogatory language in chat.

For Robocasters

  • Please be encouraging, inclusive, and kind to all the viewers of your stream.
  • Be sure to set clear rules and guidelines for how users should conduct themselves, and make sure they are clearly communicated in your channel description (coming soon).
  • You must conduct yourself on your stream in the same way users must conduct themselves in the chat.
  • Stream robots at your own risk. We are not responsible for any actions carried out by users, it is up to you to control the situation.
  • Nudity is not allowed on any stream, and will result in an automatic ban.
  • Intentionally putting the robot in a situation that will cause harm to other people, animals, or private property will also get you banned.
  • Do not engage in illegal activities on stream, or put the robot in situations where they can also perform illegal activities.
  • Intentionally spying on people without their knowledge or consent is unacceptable and likely illegal.


Our platform is for 2-way interactivity and is currently intended only for pure entertainment purposes. The majority of streamers use controllable robots, however software based experiences are also ok.

Acceptable Devices

  • Robots, IoT devices, and drones. Anything with a physical hardware component that can be controlled via the site. The important part is that the stream is interactive and allows the users to have control.

Normal webcam streams are also great!, especially if you are making robots or other cool stuff! Bonus points if your webcam is controllable w/ TTS.

Interactive software intended for use with Let's Robot. Drawing together, making fake bets on the stock market... etc... Ideally the experience is designed to be collaborative and specifically for Let's Robot.

Unacceptable Devices

  • Streams must be two-way, and interactive, so static body cams or security cameras are not allowed. No hidden cameras, spy cameras, etc...

  • Please do not mount dangerous weapons like guns or knives on your robots. If we feel like a robot is not in a properly controlled environment, we will shut down your stream promptly. If your robot is powerful enough to cause serious or lethal harm, it's probably not a good idea. If you are a professional, please clear it with us first, you can email jill (jill @ letsrobot.tv)

  • No straight up emulated games. If you want people to play video games that already exist, please add some sort of hardware component, or something else that makes the experience collaborative. If you aren't sure, just ask.

Rules and Streaming Guidelines

Community Rules and Streaming Guidelines for everyone!

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