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GoBotGo2 Is currently a place holder for 3 different bots. At somepoint the may move to their own place. The first bot is this toy R/C car conversion. Steering is a little problematic, since steers like a car and doesn't use skid steering. At the moment it works by steering left / straight / right and shifts between appropriately as the left / right controls on the site are pressed.

It was a fairly simple conversion, using parts I had on hand. I ended up having to use 2 L298N modules, because one wasn't able to provide enough current for the driver motor. It uses a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema and Raspberry Pi Zero W, which doesn't have enough grunt to encode the video for the site. So video is feed another computer than then encodes it and uploads it to the site.

The second bot is also a converted toy R/C car. I purchased this one because it was the right balance of price and size. I was also curious as to the "Metal" in the description. I was pretty certain the frame wouldn't be metal, or the gearing, turns out it's the 4 body panels that are metal i.e. The most cosmetic and least structural location.

I got this as a project to do with my young nephew over the holidays. It was a little hard to disassemble, but the circuitry was all plug and socket, making removing the circuitry and adding my own extremely easy for my nephew. Being an R/C it has the same steering issue as the first bot.

Unfortunately the battery I had handy doesn't fit within the frame, but that's an easy fix for later. It running of a Raspberry Pi 3, Dual L298N motor drivers (it's 4WD, so has 2 drive motors and a steering motor) and a Raspberry Pi 8MP camera module.

It is waiting on speakers and a mic for text to speech, and some software modifications.

The final bot I am making from an old R/C tank I had in a box. I'd long been planning on mounting and IP camera into the turret and using that to control it. This is a working in progress. At current it is running a temporary Raspberry Pi Zero W, L298N motor controller and a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema (stolen from the first bot). I am currently waiting on a Rapsberry Pi 3 and several cheap webcams to mount into it.


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