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Serial Interface Protocol for External Micro Controllers

Do you have an arduino robot you already made that you wish to integrate? By connecting a raspberry Pi loaded with our software over USB, you can easily get your robot to work on the site.

Here is an example of the interface protocol for serial commands:

controller.py can send commands from the Raspberry Pi to another device using a 9600 baud serial connection.
Configure with command line arguments to controller.py
--type serial
--serial-device /dev/ttyYOURDEVICE
Commands have the form of lower case text terminated with the two characters: \r\n
Custom commands configured in robot profiles will be sent (lower case) and you can process them as you wish.
Examples of commands:
"l" Left movement pressed
"r" Right movement pressed
"f" Forward movement pressed
"b" Back movement pressed
"brightness_down" Brightness control pressed
"brightness_up" Brightness control released
"leds ff8000" LED color set by hex values, red=ff, green=80, blue=00

Here is an example of how this is handled on the Arduino side:


Here is another example one of our Robocasters uses for driving 2 DC motors

Serial Interface Protocol for External Micro Controllers

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