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Welcome to the Let's Robot network. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Let's Robot as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Build & Connect A Robot

We want to inspire you to build or connect a robot and join us on the path to empowering Robot World Domination!

Building Robots 101

There are millions of different ways to build a robot and everyone has different ideas on what they want to build, how much they can spend, what hardware to use, what functions it will have, and the programming it features. We encourage you to start with a kit like Parallaxy or a guide to learn the process first, then modify or build your next robot (robots prefer friends to play with!).

Make a robot from a guide:

Clone-ington: $150 No Soldering Beginner Robot

Design, build, and iterate, on your own robot!

  • You can view our open source code on github.
  • Join our Discord! and get help from the community.

The recommendations we have here are just that, our opinions. However they are based on trial and error and using the communities experience. There are a lot of unusable parts, broken motors, and failed attempts in our box of never to be robots. The closer you follow our suggestions the more chance you have of avoiding the robot scrapyard and becoming a vessel for the Hive Mind!

Connect a Robot to LetsRobot.tv

It all starts with a Raspberry Pi. Learn how to get the software installed to connect your hardware to LetsRobot.tv

Robot Hardware 101

Learn about the components that make up a robot here on LetsRobot.tv

Robot Programming

Once you have your Raspberry Pi connected to your Camera, connected to your Speaker, connected to your stream on LetsRobot.tv, you are ready to start programming your robot to MOVE! Plus learn some of the options and features you can change to enable your robot to do more.

We encourage do-it-yourself robots! If you get stuck at any point, remember to reach out for help in our discord channel.

Build & Connect A Robot

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