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Robocasting 101

It's not just about building Robots!

Being a Robocaster is more than just building robots. You now have celebrity status! You are a Robo-Parent! You are an entertainer! You and your environment are windows into a new experience for everyone who logs into your robot.

Please start by knowing the Rules and Streaming Guidelines

Moderating and Managing your Channel

Managing Your Channel has some specifics on how to use the moderation tools.

However when to be strict, and when to be forgiving is ever the conundrum of a Robocaster. It is up to you how you'd like to manage your channel and what rules you choose. However be consistent and communicate to your chosen Moderators what your moderation preferences are.


Give verbal or typed warnings for just about anything first. If you have anything that is an instant ban-able offense. Be sure to highlight that in the rules.


The timeout tool is a nice way to remove the messages in the chat and temporarily disable a user from controlling the robot or using chat. This is a great second and third strike to give people.


Trolls will be trolls, and you don't have to stand for them. Don't feed the trolls. Global Moderators will instantly and permanently ban any incidence of hate speech and discriminatory language. Beyond that we are careful not to Ban without a string of warnings. It is up to you to use your discretion, but remember the goal is to get more viewers on LetsRobot.tv, and on your channel, as well as make it a pleasant experience for people so they will return.

People want to know about your bot!

People are interested in your bot, what it looks like, how it is made, and what it can do. Give people some info in the panels below your stream.

Be sure to upload a picture of your bot as the bot profile. Also upload a pic of your bot to the web, like Imgur or dropbox, and put a link in your profile.
Write a bit about how your robot was made, and even a link to a How To guide on your build. Put a mirror in your space so the robot can see itself!

Being a robot is entertaining!

Controlling a robot is fun. Most of our members love roleplaying and even doing the most basic tasks like delivering mail, sorting funny objects, and playing any game you come up with.

Be creative and come up with fun things for your robots to do, play with, push around, and talk about.

What's better than one robot? TWO robots to play with each other.

Have fun and keep engaging your viewers.

Robocasting 101

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