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Setup a GoPiGo

Here is a quick guide to setup a GoPiGo3 kit on LetsRobot.tv Follow the instructions with the kit for the chassis assembly and wiring. Refer to Connecting Your Robot for instructions on installing the software and configuring the robot to run on the site.

1. Connections and Buttons

First, in order to turn on the robot, you'll need to make sure the DC jack is plugged in from the batteries to the robot.

The power switch is located on the right side of the robot, next to where the DC jack is plugged in. Just pushing it once should cause the lights to turn on. Holding it down a few seconds will cause the lights to blink a few times before going off. Once all the lights stop blinking, the robot will be off.

2. Getting your robot online:

In order to pair the robot with any wifi setting you wish, you'll need to connect it to the internet first via an ethernet cord. The robot's ethernet jack is located in the front of the robot.

Plug in the cord, and make sure the robot is powered on.

Note: You'll need to be using the desktop site in order to edit the robot.
This should immediately cause the robot to go live on the platform. You can confirm this is true by viewing the robot on your own robocaster page:

https://letsrobot.tv/robocaster/username <--- (Your Let's Robot ID).

Alternatively, you can log into your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right using a desktop computer.

You can then scroll down and select a robot to edit, which should also contain the URL for the robot you own.

On this same page, you can update the robot's wifi settings while it's plugged in via ethernet. You'll need to enter your own wifi SSID, and password.

When you are done updating the robot, make sure to Save your changes, and wait at least 10 seconds before turning the robot off.

You may then unplug the ethernet, and restart the robot. Once it turns back on, it should automatically connect to the wifi settings you entered, and come online just as before.

If you have anymore issues, you can email us, or check out the discord from our community page. They are usually pretty helpful with setup.

Setup a GoPiGo

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